The Sims 3

The complete list of third-party content in my Sims 3 game and where to find all of it.


kanno’s Moonlight Skin (Anatomical)
DBCAB’s Male Nude Mesh (Adult, Teen and Elder)**
icedmango’s Triple Eye Default Replacements (Radiant Set)


Anubis Under the Sun


Anubis Under the Sun

Game Mods

CmarNYC’s Pointed Ears Slider Hack
aikea guinea’s No Drift/Lower Level Free Camera Mod
Ashleigh825’s Multiple Birth Adjuster
velocitygrass’ No Mosaic Mod
Rick’s No Intro Mod
CmarNYC’s Missing Pregnant Morphs – Nude and Jeans Mod
NRaas Industries’ Story Progression Mod
NRaas Industries’ Master Controller Mod
NRaas Industries Overwatch Mod

** DBCAB’s Male Nude Mesh is hosted at SexySims, which is an adult rated site. Please do not visit here unless you are at least eighteen years of age. I use the meshes because I like realism and anatomically correct Sims, but obviously, not everyone likes to play the game that way and it’s just a matter of personal preference.