Unnatural Hair Colours are now Genetic!

If you’re like me, you were probably highly disappointed by the hyper realism of The Sims 4’s genetics. Any unnatural hair colours that your Sims have won’t get passed down to their children. The game assumes these colours are “dyed” and so children don’t have access to the same unnatural colours adults do, making the ever-popular Perfect Genetics Challenge impossible to do. This is fine if you like hyper-realism but what if you don’t like such constraints? What if you want a fantasy Sim with natural hot pink hair who has the ability to pass that hair colour down another generation?

This is why I’ve created unnatural hair colours for children and made them genetic, so now your Sims can pass on their purple pastel, hot pink, dark blue, turquoise or green hair to their children! The hairs are also all Maxis match, they use the same textures as the original hair so they don’t look out of place!


(Click for larger images)

Purple Pastel

Purple Pastel

Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Dark Blue

Dark Blue







Q: Is this a mod or CC?
A: This is CC, not a mod. I have recoloured all the child hairstyles in the game to match the five unnatural hair colours available to adults, which are purple pastel, hot pink, dark blue, turquoise and green. All the recoloured hair is genetic. Any Sims with unnatural hair colours will now have a chance of passing on their hair colour to their children.

Q: What about Game Packs, Stuff Packs and Expansions? I don’t have all of them. Can I still download these?
A: Yes! There are three different downloads, currently. One for the base game, one for Outdoor Retreat and one for Get To Work. Download the ones that you have the content for. If you only have the base game, only install the base game download. If you have Outdoor Retreat or Get To Work, install the downloads for the add-ons you have. I plan to update and add more downloads for each add-on as they’re released so if you get a new add-on that comes with new child hair, just come back here to install the download for your latest add-on.

Q: Are these default replacements?
A: Nope! These just add the five unnatural colour swatches to all the child hairs in the game. They don’t replace any existing colours. Your child Sims can still have all the existing hair colours in the game in addition to these new colours.

Q: So will my Sims with unnatural hair always have children with unnatural hair?
A: It depends on the other parent’s hair colour and the game’s random mutation chance. I haven’t changed the way genetics works in the game, I’ve just added unnatural colours for children. If a Sim with green hair has a child with a blonde Sim, the child could have blonde hair or green hair. If two Sims with green hair have a child, the child will almost always have green hair, except in cases where a genetic mutation happens and they end up with a random hair colour instead. The game’s designed to allow for a random gene a small percentage of the time, so two green-haired Sims might occasionally have a child with a different hair colour but will usually only have green-haired children.

Q: Will this work for custom hair, too?
A: It may or it may not, depending on what colour categories the creator has enabled for their hair. Creators all use their own colour palettes when creating custom hair as well so another creator’s turquoise could look completely different from my turquoise. All I can really guarantee is that all the Maxis hairs match with my recolours, sorry!

Q: My child Sims still have normal-coloured eyebrows!
A: That’s normal. To have matching eyebrows with these recolours, I’d have to recolour all the child eyebrows in the game to match the hair, which I have not done. I might take this on soon, though, since I’d also like to have child eyebrows match the recoloured hair, so I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Download the base game hair recolours along with the recolours for any add-ons you have installed.
  2. Unzip and place the folders in Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Mods
  3. Run the game and enjoy!


A big thank you to the folks who made S4Studio and all the tutorials for it. A very special thank you goes out to my good friend, Nick, better known as @adventfear on Twitter for introducing me to recolouring hair with S4Studio. This series of genetically-enabled hair would not exist without him, so thanks Nick! Nick’s also a pretty talented Sims story writer, so check out his Sims story blog, Tom and Annabelle!


Base Game Genetic Hair
Outdoor Retreat Genetic Hair
Get To Work Genetic Hair


8 thoughts on “Unnatural Hair Colours are now Genetic!

  1. Hey I wondered when you would update for Get Together? I’m currently doing the perfect genetics challenge but want to buy the new expansion. Thank you!

    • I’n not sure when I’ll be updating. You can still play with Get Together in your game along with these hairs. There just won’t be unnatural varieties of the Get Together hairs for kids so you’ll need to select a different hair. If your child is supposed to be born with an unnatural hair, they will age up with one when they become children. The colour categories I’ve set ensure that.

  2. Thank you so much for this! When i understood that you cant have “unrealistic” hair colors i almost felt betrayed by the sims 4. I never download CC or mods but i had to download this! I saw it as something the game already should have had so… once again thank you! Today my first pink haired child was born ( 5:th try…) and i couldent be more proud! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

    • Thanks! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. πŸ™‚ In the hair files, you have to set the colour of the hair (there’s a check box list of the colours). All I had to do was set the child hairs I recoloured to the adult unnatural hair colours (dark blue, green, hot pink and purple pastel) and the game would recognize that this was a valid colour for children and allowed them to inherit the same unnatural colours their parents had.

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