Unnatural Hair Colours are now Genetic!

Hey guys! So you already know I’m not really updating this blog anymore, but I have been updating my genetic unnatural child hair. I just don’t host it here any longer.

All of the hair for children from the base game and every pack can be found at Sims Community now! I have toddlers done as well, including the hair from the Toddler Stuff pack. Just install the ones for the packs you own and discard the ones you don’t. More information is provided on the download page.

I’ve heard tell that a few other people have started making toddler hair that works the same. Feel free to use theirs if you like them better. They should work fine with my kid hair. I just thought I’d do everything so you have it all from the same creator and the same place.


8 thoughts on “Unnatural Hair Colours are now Genetic!

  1. Hey I wondered when you would update for Get Together? I’m currently doing the perfect genetics challenge but want to buy the new expansion. Thank you!

    • I’n not sure when I’ll be updating. You can still play with Get Together in your game along with these hairs. There just won’t be unnatural varieties of the Get Together hairs for kids so you’ll need to select a different hair. If your child is supposed to be born with an unnatural hair, they will age up with one when they become children. The colour categories I’ve set ensure that.

  2. Thank you so much for this! When i understood that you cant have “unrealistic” hair colors i almost felt betrayed by the sims 4. I never download CC or mods but i had to download this! I saw it as something the game already should have had so… once again thank you! Today my first pink haired child was born ( 5:th try…) and i couldent be more proud! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

    • Thanks! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. 🙂 In the hair files, you have to set the colour of the hair (there’s a check box list of the colours). All I had to do was set the child hairs I recoloured to the adult unnatural hair colours (dark blue, green, hot pink and purple pastel) and the game would recognize that this was a valid colour for children and allowed them to inherit the same unnatural colours their parents had.

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