The Waverunner Legacy Chapters

Generation I

Chapter I: A Different World
Chapter II: Misunderstandings and Confusion
Chapter III: Maternal Instincts
Chapter IV: An Angel’s Sw0rd
Chapter V: The Woe of Wade
Chapter VI: The Recital
Chapter VII: Special Delivery
Chapter VIII: Reunion
Special Edition Chapter: Girls Will Be Girls

Generation II

Chapter I: Alton’s Big Plans
Chapter II: Upheaval
Chapter III: Loving Coercion
Chapter IV: The Road to Stardom
Chapter V: Reunions and Goodbyes
Chapter VI: Not Ready To Make Nice
Chapter VII: Until Death Do We Part
Chapter VIII: Endings and Beginnings
Chapter IX: How the Years Pass
Chapter X: The Terrible Teens
Chapter XI: The Battleground of Youth
Special Edition Chapter: An Unforgettable Prom

Generation III

Chapter I: The Ivory Tower
Chapter II: The Trouble With Love
Chapter III: The Battle for Leander
Chapter IV: The Future is Now
Chapter V: Goodbye, Dad
Chapter VI: This Empty House
Chapter VII: Saving Hope (Part I)
Chapter VIII: Saving Hope (Part II)
Chapter IX: Saving Hope (Part III)
Chapter X: Saving Hope (Part IV)
Chapter XI: Raising Hope
Chapter XII: Welcome to Oasis Springs
Special Edition Chapter: The Adventures of Leander & Hope
Chapter XIII: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Chapter XIV: Circle The Drain
Chapter XV: A Grand Apology