The Charm Legacy Chapters

Generation I

Chapter One: Picking Up the Pieces
Chapter Two: Making it Big
Chapter Three: Falling in Love
Chapter Four: A Fight, A Wedding and an Unwelcome Shock
Chapter Five: Welcome to the World, Little One
Chapter Six: Happy Birthday, Marcie
Chapter Seven: Marylee Wins
Chapter Eight: Three Birthdays and a New Arrival
Chapter Nine: Home Renovations and a Talk with Daddy
Chapter Ten: Growing Pains
Chapter Eleven: A Very Close Call
Chapter Twelve: Family Upheaval
Chapter Thirteen: Marylee’s Dream Come True
Chapter Fourteen: Self Sacrifice

Generation II

Chapter One: Love and Heartache
Tribute to Marylee
Chapter Two: Expecting
Chapter Three: Full House
Chapter Four: Family is Forever
Chapter Five: Matilda’s Troubles
Chapter Six: A Different Perspective
Chapter Seven: A Family in Shambles
Chapter Seven (.5): Used and Abused
Chapter Eight: Silver Linings

Generation III

Chapter One: With Every Death Comes New Life
Chapter Two: Unusual Circumstances
Chapter Three: Rings and Promises
Chapter Four: Geoffrey Returns
Chapter Five: Baby Troubles
Chapter Six: A Generation Lost
Chapter Seven: A Birthday Fit for a Charm
Chapter Eight: A Parent’s Worst Fear
Chapter Nine: A Little Miracle

Generation IV

Chapter One: A Silent World
Chapter Two: Second Thoughts
Chapter Three: Self-Loathing
Chapter Four: Family Troubles
Chapter Five: Bienvenue vers la France

Chapter V

Chapter One: Life, Love and Loss
Chapter Two: A Mother’s Undying Love
Chapter Three: Starting Over
Chapter Four: Mrs. and Mrs. Charm
Chapter Five: Living the Charmed Life
Chapter Six: Madeline’s Malady
Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction