I’m So Sorry

This is a really difficult post to type, so I’m going to treat it like ripping off a band-aid; just do it quick and to-the-point.

My boyfriend of two years just left me (right after our anniversary and right before my birthday, maybe just to rub salt in my wounds, I don’t really know). Some of you might know that I met him through The Sims. The game series was what brought us together and was a huge aspect of our relationship. We really bonded through our mutual love of the game, so much so that I can no longer think of The Sims without thinking of him.┬áNot only was he involved in The Sims in my real life but he also entered the virtual world of my Sims. Sebastian’s best friend, David Fox, is his Sim.

In light of all this, I can no longer continue this blog. I wish I could. I love Sebastian and his family. I love the Charms. They’ve been mine since long before I ever met my now-ex. I’m retiring from writing Sims stories because I can’t play the game anymore. It’s not fun for me anymore. It just makes me sad and reminds me of everything I’ve lost. Even if I could get over that, I can’t think of a way to remove David Fox from my story. He was too integral to the story arc for the rest of Sebastian and Leander’s generations that removing him in any way cripples the story.

I’m so sorry to everyone I’m disappointing with this news. Believe me, no one is hurting more over this than me right now but life goes on and, yet again, I find myself having to pick all the broken little pieces of myself back up and figure out some way to glue them back together.