Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction

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“Now this is a home fit for a Charm,” Savannah grinned, looking fondly at the sprawling estate that her wife had ordered to be constructed. The home Morgan originally bought in Willow Creek had suited her, Savannah, Miraj, Johnathon and William just fine but after they had Madeline and Avery, the place became cramped, especially now that Madeline and Avery were in school. There were now three hyperactive children running around the place and they needed something bigger. Of course, to a Charm, bigger always meant grander.

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Chapter Six: Madeline’s Malady

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After so long without a baby in the house to care for, suddenly having two at once was a lot more work than Savannah and Morgan had anticipated. Miraj’s new job at the Willow Creek hospital meant he couldn’t help out as much as he’d like to at home and Johnathon was just a kid. He couldn’t do the messy stuff like feeding and changing diapers but he gave Avery and Madeline plenty of tickles and affection all the same.

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Chapter Five: Living The Charmed Life

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The sounds of Morgan and Savannah throwing up every morning became a daily occurrence in the household and were a constant reminder that the Charm family was going to be welcoming its sixth generation into the world in the very near future. Back in Sunset Valley, this would have been cause for a massive celebration with all the most important people in the world coming by to offer their congratulations to the star-studded Charms but things were different in Willow Creek. Everything was quieter and the only people storming the house with congratulations and baby gifts were the neighbours who weren’t visiting because their public relations assistant insisted they do so to boost their image; they came to see Morgan and Savannah because they genuinely cared about their neighbours. It was a feeling Morgan had never experienced until now and she welcomed it. It helped take her mind off of how sick and sore she constantly felt carrying this baby around.

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Merry Christmas from the Charm Family


This is Morgan Charm, here to wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To all those celebrating a different winter holiday this season, I hope it’s filled with all the joy and laughter of the holiday season. Next year is going to be an exciting year for us since my wife and I are going to be welcoming two new additions to our family. We can’t wait for you to meet them in coming chapters!

Wishing all of our readers all the best this holiday season and in the coming year,
The Charms

Chapter Four: Mrs. and Mrs. Charm

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“Johnathon, I’m not arguing about this with you right now,” Miraj sighed exasperatedly. “It is your sister’s wedding day. People wear formal clothes at weddings. You’re wearing the suit I bought for you and that’s final.”

“But Dad, it’s itchyyyy…” Johnathon whined with pouted lips. Savannah popped her head into the room. She was fastening her earrings.

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Chapter Three: Starting Over

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Savannah walked up behind her girlfriend with a faint smile, holding a bag behind her back. Morgan was fishing in the stream behind their new house. Everything was so beautiful and picturesque in Willow Creek and the home Morgan had bought for the family here was fit for a Charm in every way imaginable. It reminded Savannah a lot of the original Charm Manor back in Sunset Valley. Savannah very much approved of the move but she knew Morgan was still struggling with the decision she’d made. That was why Savannah had come out here to talk to her.

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