Chapter XV: A Grand Apology

“Mommy!” Nereus shouted with glee when we got back home and stepped through the front door. He ran to hug his mother. Ruby hugged him back with relief and leaned down to kiss the top of his head.

“I’m glad to see you, too, Nereus. I hope you behaved for your brother and did not neglect your schoolwork in favour of engaging in impractical frivolity,” she told him.

“Well I did play a lot but I did my homework, too, I promise,” he assured her. Ruby nodded her approval  at his answer. I set down our bags and called out through the house.

“Rayne? Monica? Leander? You guys home?” I called.

“In here!” Rayne answered from the living room. Her voice sounded strained. Uh oh. What happened? Ruby called home two dozen times a day while we were gone, we would have known if something was wrong, wouldn’t we?

12-11-15_8-27-54 PM

I entered the living room to see my sister sitting on the couch next to David. He was holding her hand. I had to do a double take on that one. What the heck happened here in just a month and a half? Her eyes looked red and puffy, like she’d been crying and I jumped into protective brother mode. “Rayne? What is it? What happened? Are you okay? Eddy hasn’t caused you problems, has he? Did he hurt you?!” Rayne shook her head and waved a hand dismissively.

“No no no, nothing like that Seb, I haven’t even heard from Eddy since I told him I wanted a divorce. I know I look like a mess, but I’m okay. I mean… I was upset but David came over to talk to me about it and I think I actually feel a little better about the whole thing.”

12-11-15_8-32-15 PM

“Rayne. What’s going on?” I asked. She wasn’t doing anything to ease my worry. Rayne sighed and placed a hand on her belly, which… now that I noticed it, was getting a bit round.

“I’m pregnant, Seb,” she muttered. “I just found out.” I blinked, trying to figure out the situation.

“You’re pregnant? With him?” I asked, pointing to David. My best friend and my sister?! And no one bothered to tell me about it?! Someone was going to get a punch in the face and it wasn’t going to be Rayne! David threw up his arms in surrender before I could round on him.

“Whoah me? No way man, chill!” he laughed. “I’m not the dad.”

12-11-15_8-35-30 PM

“Seb!” Rayne burst out angrily. “Honestly… you’re as bad as you were in university about getting on my case sometimes…” she grumbled. “It’s Eddy. Eddy’s the father. It must have happened just before we split and… I still haven’t told him but I know he’s going to find out as soon as the press does and…” she put her face in her hands. “I want to be a mom but not with Eddy and not now,” she groaned. “This is happening at the worst time.”

12-11-15_8-34-33 PM

My heart instantly shattered. My baby sister was trapped in the same situation I was trapped in with Nikki so many years ago and I couldn’t just throw money at the problem to make everything better for her. What good is being wealthy if you can’t fix broken hearts with it?

12-11-15_8-29-27 PM

“I think I’m gonna use the bathroom, Rayne. You and your bro should talk but I’m here if you need me,” David assured her. Rayne nodded with a grateful smile.

“Thanks David, I appreciate it,” she told him.

When David left, I sat next to my sister and pulled her into a hug. “You know, some of the best things in life come at the worst times,” I told her quietly. “I think that’s why they happen at the worst times; because you need them the most, you just don’t know it until after. They’re like blessings in disguise.”

12-11-15_8-36-30 PM

“Like Leander?” Rayne asked, wiping her eyes. I smiled. He was exactly who I was thinking of.

“Exactly like Leander,” I agreed. “You’ll be a great mom, Rayne.” Rayne giggled and sniffed away the last of her tears, hugging me back tightly.

“Thanks Seb. That means a lot, coming from the greatest dad I know.”

12-11-15_8-36-12 PM


4 thoughts on “Chapter XV: A Grand Apology

  1. Awesome job! I have so many questions! How will David react to Hope? What will Ruby and Seb do? How will Rayne’s pregnancy go? Oooooh I can’t wait until the next one!

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