Chapter XV: A Grand Apology

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in the house and the yard… and being intimate in the hot tub. Having this much time alone to focus on nothing but each other was something we both really needed. Our lives are so busy back home, we never get a chance to just enjoy being with each other. There’s always something else to worry about, like Hope being safe and Leander staying out of trouble and work.

12-11-15_5-02-00 PM

12-11-15_5-02-40 PM

“HOW do you keep winning this game?” Ruby demanded to know after the dozenth time she lost at Don’t Wake The Llama.  “My superior understanding of physics should virtually guarantee my success at this game every single time. My calculations of the mass and density of the pieces cannot be incorrect.” My wife wasn’t used to losing at anything and I was used to losing at everything so I might have been just a little bit smug.

12-11-15_5-07-08 PM

12-11-15_5-08-09 PM

“Guess I’m just lucky for a change,” I grinned. Ruby gave me an exasperated huff and I figured she’d had enough defeat for one night. We decided to go out to eat. We were staying on the outskirts of a historic city called Windenburg which had a pretty exciting nightlife… not that Ruby and I were really into the nightlife but food that we didn’t have to make sounded good. Actually, I don’t think either of us even could make anything to eat if we wanted to. Calista’s always cooked for us.

12-11-15_5-29-51 PM

We ended up eating at one of the nicer bars in town before the rowdy crowd started filing in. Ruby had a sugary cream cola drink and I had a root beer float while we shared a platter between us. It felt just like we were dating again. It wasn’t until Ruby started yawning that we realised we’d been talking and enjoying our drinks and food for hours and we went back to the vacation home to crash, we were both exhausted.

12-11-15_5-26-18 PM


4 thoughts on “Chapter XV: A Grand Apology

  1. Awesome job! I have so many questions! How will David react to Hope? What will Ruby and Seb do? How will Rayne’s pregnancy go? Oooooh I can’t wait until the next one!

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