Get Ready!

I promise I am not disappearing on you all again for months on end, I’m trying really hard to break that awful habit. I’m actually waiting for Get Together to launch so I can start working on the next Waverunner chapter, yay! I’ve been pretty critical of this expansion ever since it was first announced (I still am, quite honestly) but I do have a story idea for Seb and his eclectic family that involves some Get Together content so I will be buying it when it releases thanks to my amazingly selfless boyfriend. He could be at home that day, playing the expansion that he preordered digitally but instead he’s sacrificing that important play time to spend the day with me so we can do Christmas shopping and I can grab Get Together for myself. He is the best. You’ll have to thank him when the next Waverunner chapter comes out. 😉

Also, I have been getting like… at least two or three comments a week on my chapters lately which is FABULOUS! I just love every single one of you, I swear.  I haven’t been as good about replying to each comment as I usually am. You’ll have to forgive me, I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so I’ve been feeling really down recently and don’t have much energy to do stuff, even online. I will try to start replying to you guys because you deserve it but just know that even if you don’t hear back from me, I’m reading your comments and they make my whole day a little bit brighter. They really help cheer me up, it’s great. You’re great. Thank you so much, you’re awesome!

I will also be putting up a poll regarding a separate website for my custom content and mods. I’ve made some pretty nifty things for TS4, like recoloured kids’ beds with custom bedding and unnatural kid hair colours that can be inherited from their parents. Turns out I like making CC and dabbling with mods but I want to keep my story blog about… well… my stories. I’d like your input so please cast a vote.

That’s about it for now! Happy Simming!


One thought on “Get Ready!

  1. I’ve developed S.A.D. too over the past few years, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. No need to apologize!

    I know there are Simmers who aren’t thrilled about Get Together, but I must say that I’m very excited about the new world of Windenburg and cafés and pubs! Also, I’m a junkie for any new CAS items. 🙂 I may feel a sudden migraine developing on Tuesday, so there might be a sick day in my future. Healing solution? Bingeing on Get Together!

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