Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction

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Morgan found herself being very thankful that her family didn’t live in Sunset Valley anymore when the Charms gathered around the grave of Miraj Charm to say their goodbyes. People in Willow Creek knew that the Charms were famous and wealthy but no one cared enough about it to stalk the funeral. No media outlets were clamoring at the gates to try and snap a high quality picture of the grieving family’s tears to splash all over the front page the next morning. The funeral of Miraj Charm was a very quiet, intimate affair with only close family members present and that was how Morgan wanted it to be.

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No one spoke for a long time. Everyone just stood quietly by the patch of dirt that used to be their father and grandfather, crying out their grief. Everyone except William, who just stood there with his arms crossed wearing a rock hard expression.

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“Does anyone want to say something?” Savannah finally asked softly, looking around at her grieving family while she dabbed at her own tears. “I don’t really know what to say except I love him and I miss him and I wish he was still here with us,” she hung her head and wept. Morgan held her, crying just as much.

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“Yeah I want to say something,” William scowled. He rounded on his younger brother. “I hope you know it should be you in that grave instead of Dad!” he spat. “I wish you were dead instead of him!”

“WILL!” Savannah and Morgan both burst out in shocked outrage at the same time.

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“What?! I’m only telling the truth!” he shouted at them before returning his attention to Johnathon. “You ruined all our lives by being born in the first place and now Dad’s dead because you’re a selfish spoiled little brat who just HAD to have waffles that morning!”

“I– I’m s-sorry… I didn’t m-mean to–” Johnathon stammered in a small voice while his blue eyes filled with tears of guilt.

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“He died making waffles for you because you begged him to and if you had listened to him when he told you to eat a bowl of cereal instead, he’d still be alive! I hate you! You’re a curse on this family who should never have been born!” William yelled at him. He would have kept hurling hatred at his brother if Savannah hadn’t roughly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, looking even more furious than him.

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“You shut your filthy mouth before I force it shut for you!” she growled. “How dare you insult your own father’s memory at his funeral by saying such horrible things to an innocent little boy?! Johnny was your dad’s son too and he loved him!”

“He loved me, too!” William angrily protested.

“Yeah and I don’t know why!” Savannah retorted.

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“That’s enough! All of you!” Morgan shouted louder than either of them, which surprised everyone. Morgan was usually so quiet because she went out of her way to be. She was always worried about accidentally talking too loud and drawing attention to her deafness. “Savannah, let go of him. The children don’t need to see a fist fight break out over Dad’s grave of all places. Will, she’s right. I know you’re hurt and angry, but that gives you no right to blame Johnny for all your pain. For once in your life, think about someone other than yourself. Maybe then it’ll occur to you that we’re all in just as much pain as you are, including Johnny.”

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“Mommy?” Madeline asked timidly, wiping her eyes with one hand and tugging on Morgan’s skirt with the other hand. “Can we go home now? I don’t like it here.” Morgan knelt down and hugged her daughter.

“Sure sweetie. I think we’ve all said quite enough here, anyway.”


8 thoughts on “Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction

  1. Yay new chapter! But how sad to see Miraj go, he was so good to Margaret and Morgan 😦 But I admire that you played it out – when my Sims throw me a curve ball, I’m often guilty of just exiting without saving lol! Will, though…. I feel like he’s a decent person deep down, he just has some really poor ways of dealing with his own anger (and that is a polite way of putting it lol). Anyway, I’m glad you are continuing to write, I enjoy reading your legacies 🙂

    • I’m kind of surprised to see so much sympathy for Will actually, haha. Seems like the readers like him a lot more than I do, but that’s one of the cool things about writing stories. You get to see the different interpretations people have of your stories and characters. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

  2. I agree with Mick, Will is most certainly a good person deep down. I think it would help him if he talked to someone, a professional and not family. Someone who can help him sort out his feelings without judging him. I’m guessing he think no one in the world understands or cares.
    And poor, poor, poor Johnny 😦

    Beautiful chapter, very sad though 😥

    // Elin

    • So glad you liked it! I did have some plans for Will and John but now I’m second-guessing myself so we’ll see where the story goes, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. 🙂

  3. (Just read through the whole legacy – SO GOOD.)
    Wonderful chapter. So much plot! The poor Charm family. Will they ever be happy? And John (who aged into a hottie!) does not deserve such hate. I would have kicked Will out for saying such horrible things – especially at a funeral!
    (Also, love the CC hair you downloaded!)

    • Omg ikr?! He obviously got his good looks from Margaret because Miraj wasn’t all that handsome, imo, haha. Will is likely going to get a pretty big plot later on but I’m still trying to plan all that out. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    • Yeah he caught fire all on his own and Savannah just barely managed to save him with the fire extinguisher but then I realised his death was actually great for the plot I already had planned and to reveal who Morgan’s birth father is (since people have been begging me to reveal that for literally years, lol) so I staged that whole hospital scene, then sort of… nudged him into the afterlife, heheh. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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