Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction

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The Charms waited… and waited… and waited for what seemed like days on end while the doctors did all they could for one of their own. When Morgan was informed that Miraj’s chances weren’t good but that he was awake and talking so she should say her goodbyes while she still could, she couldn’t go in alone. She brought Savannah with her for support, feeling like she was trapped in some horrible nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. It had to be a nightmare because she couldn’t really lose her dad, could she?

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“Hey Dad…” Morgan whispered when she stepped in the room and sat down. She felt her wife squeeze her hand. Morgan reached her free hand up to her ear to switch her hearing aid on. If her dad really wasn’t going to be in her life for much longer, she wanted to hear his voice one last time.

“Morgan…” Miraj murmured weakly from his bed. “I’m a doctor so I know I probably won’t live through the night…” he started but Morgan shook her head, tears slipping down her face.

“Don’t talk like that, you don’t know that–” she started.

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“Listen to me, Morgan. I do know that,” Miraj insisted. Morgan wondered how he could sound so firm while barely hanging onto life by a thread. “Which is why I can’t waste time. I need to tell you something important. Something I’ve been sitting on since I helped you and Savannah conceive Avery and Madeline. I shouldn’t have kept it from you and I’m sorry, but you should know now or you might never know.” Something about his tone made Morgan shiver.

“Dad, what are you talking about?” she asked. “You’re scaring me.”

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“It’s about your father. Your biological father,” he told her. Morgan pulled back, stunned and a little alarmed. Morgan had never known who her biological father was. Her mother never even knew, herself. She remembered wishing she knew who he was when she was a little kid because if she knew, maybe then the other kids at school would stop calling her mother a whore, but as Morgan got older, the less she cared, especially after Miraj came into the picture. Why look for the dad who didn’t care that she existed when she had another dad who loved her and took care of her?

“Miraj? You know who Morgan’s biological father is?” Savannah prodded him to explain.

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“I always thought it was strange how Morgan and I looked so much alike,” Miraj whispered. “She has my nose, my jaw structure, my ears… but how could that be? I wasn’t her biological father. I knew that for certain. Her mother and I were never romantically involved until years after Morgan was born,” he began. “I’d always had my suspicions but it wasn’t until I helped you two conceive your children that I was prompted to find out for certain. I noticed that Morgan’s DNA had too many similarities to mine to be a coincidence but not enough similarities to make me her father, so… I tested your DNA against my closest living male relative, Morgan. I tested it against my brother’s DNA.”

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Morgan squeezed her eyes shut and put her head in her hands as her stomach sank through the floor. She knew where this was going. “VJ,” she muttered dismally. “VJ’s my father, isn’t he?” Miraj nodded.

“I might not be your father, Morgan… but I am your uncle.” Morgan shook her head and looked up again.

“No. You’re my father. I don’t care who my sperm donor was. VJ’s just some abusive jerk who hurt my mom and my cousin and the son he had with her,” she told him. “He didn’t help me get my hearing aid. He didn’t help me fight my eating disorder when I was in high school. He didn’t take me to my prom when I had no one to go with. You did. You’re my dad and I love you and I’m not ready to say goodbye to you yet……. Dad? Dad?!”

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Miraj had quietly slipped into a coma and by the morning, he was gone.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction

  1. Yay new chapter! But how sad to see Miraj go, he was so good to Margaret and Morgan 😦 But I admire that you played it out – when my Sims throw me a curve ball, I’m often guilty of just exiting without saving lol! Will, though…. I feel like he’s a decent person deep down, he just has some really poor ways of dealing with his own anger (and that is a polite way of putting it lol). Anyway, I’m glad you are continuing to write, I enjoy reading your legacies 🙂

    • I’m kind of surprised to see so much sympathy for Will actually, haha. Seems like the readers like him a lot more than I do, but that’s one of the cool things about writing stories. You get to see the different interpretations people have of your stories and characters. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

  2. I agree with Mick, Will is most certainly a good person deep down. I think it would help him if he talked to someone, a professional and not family. Someone who can help him sort out his feelings without judging him. I’m guessing he think no one in the world understands or cares.
    And poor, poor, poor Johnny 😦

    Beautiful chapter, very sad though 😥

    // Elin

    • So glad you liked it! I did have some plans for Will and John but now I’m second-guessing myself so we’ll see where the story goes, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. 🙂

  3. (Just read through the whole legacy – SO GOOD.)
    Wonderful chapter. So much plot! The poor Charm family. Will they ever be happy? And John (who aged into a hottie!) does not deserve such hate. I would have kicked Will out for saying such horrible things – especially at a funeral!
    (Also, love the CC hair you downloaded!)

    • Omg ikr?! He obviously got his good looks from Margaret because Miraj wasn’t all that handsome, imo, haha. Will is likely going to get a pretty big plot later on but I’m still trying to plan all that out. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    • Yeah he caught fire all on his own and Savannah just barely managed to save him with the fire extinguisher but then I realised his death was actually great for the plot I already had planned and to reveal who Morgan’s birth father is (since people have been begging me to reveal that for literally years, lol) so I staged that whole hospital scene, then sort of… nudged him into the afterlife, heheh. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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