Chapter Five: Living The Charmed Life

12-05-14_4-26 PM-2

The sounds of Morgan and Savannah throwing up every morning became a daily occurrence in the household and were a constant reminder that the Charm family was going to be welcoming its sixth generation into the world in the very near future. Back in Sunset Valley, this would have been cause for a massive celebration with all the most important people in the world coming by to offer their congratulations to the star-studded Charms but things were different in Willow Creek. Everything was quieter and the only people storming the house with congratulations and baby gifts were the neighbours who weren’t visiting because their public relations assistant insisted they do so to boost their image; they came to see Morgan and Savannah because they genuinely cared about their neighbours. It was a feeling Morgan had never experienced until now and she welcomed it. It helped take her mind off of how sick and sore she constantly felt carrying this baby around.

Savannah caught her outside one afternoon in the garden. Morgan had decided to start a garden when she moved the family here despite not being terribly interested in raising plants. She was more enthused about fishing but having the garden around to look after reminded Morgan of her mom. Tending to the plants brought back memories of Morgan’s childhood in Sunset Valley, running around the sprawling yard with Savannah and seeing her mom in the garden working away on raising some of the finest biology specimens the Sunset Valley lab had to offer. It was comforting and made Morgan feel like her mother was still here with her in some way.

12-05-14_4-38 PM

“Hey, you feeling okay today?” her wife asked her pleasantly, walking off the back patio and into the garden, sipping a glass of milk. Morgan read her lips and nodded with a small smile.

“Yeah, it’s always worse in the mornings,” she replied. “I feel okay now. The fresh air in the garden helps with the nausea, too. How about you? I saw you were throwing up this morning, too,” she commented with concern.

“Ugh, don’t remind me, that was horrible,” Savannah laughed. “I know what you mean, though. I thought being outside and taking a quick dip in the pool would help with… well everything,” she admitted sheepishly, lightly reaching behind her to rub her lower back. Morgan frowned at her wife in her tiny pink bikini. Savannah didn’t even look pregnant at all. She still had abs for crying out loud! Morgan looked down at her own round midsection.

12-05-14_4-35 PM

“I can’t believe you’re almost four months along and still flat as a board,” Morgan told her sadly. Why don’t I look like that? I’m four months pregnant, too, why am I so much bigger than her already? “You can still fit into your clothes. I had to go buy a maternity wardrobe yesterday when I went out shopping with my dad. The lady at the register thought I was seven months pregnant.”

“Everyone’s body is different, Morgan,” Savannah tried to comfort her. “Some women don’t show at all until late in their second trimester and others get really big in the first trimester. As long as both our babies are healthy, then that’s all that matters, right? Besides,” she added with a smirk “I think your baby bump’s kinda sexy.” Morgan laughed and shook her head.

12-05-14_4-38 PM-2

“Oh yeah? Well at least one of us thinks so,” she teased, but nothing her wife said could make Morgan forget about her rapidly growing waistline. She knew she was supposed to gain weight when she was pregnant, and maybe if it was just her that was pregnant, it wouldn’t bother Morgan so much but seeing Savannah run around in bikinis and flaunting her abs when she was just as pregnant as Morgan was just gave Morgan a reason to constantly compare herself to her beautiful, perfect wife. She’d thought she’d gotten over her insecurities long ago but as it turned out, old habit died hard.

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