Chapter Three: Starting Over

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Savannah walked up behind her girlfriend with a faint smile, holding a bag behind her back. Morgan was fishing in the stream behind their new house. Everything was so beautiful and picturesque in Willow Creek and the home Morgan had bought for the family here was fit for a Charm in every way imaginable. It reminded Savannah a lot of the original Charm Manor back in Sunset Valley. Savannah very much approved of the move but she knew Morgan was still struggling with the decision she’d made. That was why Savannah had come out here to talk to her.

She was about to call out to Morgan from behind her but she noticed Morgan didn’t have her hearing aid in. She settled for walking up next to her and signing to her instead.

“Hey. You getting any bites?” she asked her with her hands after she had set down what she was holding on the grass. Morgan shook her head.

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“Not really,” she replied in her slurred speech. “What’s with the bag?” she asked, looking at the plain grocery bag Savannah had just set down.

“Lunch,” Savannah grinned. “I thought you might be hungry. You’ve been out here all morning… are you okay?” she asked tentatively. Morgan swallowed hard and nodded.

09-15-14_9-07 PM

“I just don’t know if moving here was the right thing to do, that’s all…” she muttered. “But I’ll be okay.” Morgan had been losing sleep lately over her decision to leave Charm Manor and Sunset Valley for a fresh start in Willow Creek. The Charms had always been concerned with tradition and upholding the old values that Morgan’s Great Great Grandma Marylee had set down on that plot of nothing so many generations ago. Only women would inherit, the family would never leave the original Charm Manor that was built from the ground up by the Charms themselves, all heiresses would be direct blood descendants of Marylee Charm, the woman who started a legacy with nothing but a dream, an empty plot of land and a beat-up pink leopard print guitar. Morgan had destroyed nearly all of that in one generation. “I just can’t help thinking what my mom would say if she was still here,” Morgan admitted. “If she’d be proud of me or if she’d think I was a disgrace of an heiress…”

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“Morgan…” Savannah sighed. “Put down the fishing rod for a minute, okay?” Morgan, reading her girlfriend’s lips, nodded and set the fishing rod aside. When she had done so, Savannah stepped forward and pulled her into a tight hug. She didn’t say anything for a moment; Morgan had to be able to see her face to read her lips but when Savannah pulled away, she cupped Morgan’s face in her hands and looked her straight in the eyes. “You know your mom was never one to give a crap about doing things by the book or following tradition. She raised some serious hell in her life and look at how great you turned out.” Morgan’s eyes started to well up and Savannah brushed the tears away with her thumbs. “Sunset Valley wasn’t a good place for you and your family anymore and you know it, Morgan. After everything that happened… you needed a fresh start. We all did. In the end, tradition doesn’t matter as much as doing what’s best for your family and your mom knew that. She’d be proud of you. I know she would.”

“I love you,” Morgan whispered.

09-15-14_9-05 PM

“I love you, too, more than anything in the world,” Savannah whispered back. “Why don’t you try to fish up something delicious that I can grill with the burgers I brought?” she winked, trying to cheer Morgan up. Morgan giggled and wiped her eyes.

“I don’t know if I’m that good at fishing, but I’ll try,” she agreed.

Just as Savannah was setting the burgers on paper plates, there was a splash and a laugh from Morgan. “I caught something!” she called out.

09-13-14_7-38 PM

“Can we eat it?!” Savannah signed to her from the picnic table.

“No, it’s a minnow, it’s too small,” she laughed. “I’m letting it go.”

The two women sat down to their meal in picture-perfect scenery. Willow Creek’s traditional charm and beauty had been a large part of what attracted Morgan here. It felt like Charm Manor; not just the house itself but the whole town. The best part was that it was tranquil and quiet. The Charms had no long-standing reputation here. They could be whatever they wanted to be here without the stigmas that previous generations had left behind. It was what Morgan felt they needed.

09-15-14_9-16 PM-2

Now that they were settled in here, Morgan had a new focus in her life; to bring in the next generation of Charms. She had always wanted children but those plans had been complicated slightly when she fell in love with Savannah. Adoption was an option for most people in her position but it was different for Morgan. The next heiress had to be her biological daughter. Those were the rules set down by her great great grandmother. Morgan had already destroyed so many of Marylee’s wishes, she was reluctant to break any more. A sperm donor? That was a possibility but where would they find one? They just moved here, they weren’t close enough with anyone here yet to ask them to father a child for Morgan and Savannah. Besides… I’m starting to wonder if Savannah even wants to settle down with me, Morgan thought morosely to herself. They’d been together since high school and now here they were in their mid-twenties; Morgan’s youngest brother Johnathon was in grade school now and Savannah still hadn’t brought up marriage…

7 thoughts on “Chapter Three: Starting Over

  1. Hello 🙂
    Great first chapter! I discovered the original Charm Legacy only a few months ago (lol I’m always behind the times), and was sad to see that you had game issues that prevented you from continuing. I think it’s great you’re reviving it in the Sims 4! I have recently started documenting my own Sims 3 legacy in a similar format, just for myself, because of how much I enjoyed The Charms. You are a very talented writer, imo, and I hope you can continue until you reach your tenth generation this time around 🙂

    • Aw thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this legacy challenge and that it’s inspired you to start documenting your own. Comments like yours really help fuel me and keep me going so I really appreciate the positive feedback. 🙂

  2. WAHOOOO!!!

    The Charms are back!! I’m so unbelievably happy 🙂 And gutted that it’s taken me three days to realise (I was afk all day Saturday and Sunday so must have missed any tweets, if you sent any – where’s your twitter account gone?!)

    First off – William’s reaction to losing his high score. Hilarious. I love how expressive Sims are now! So funny!

    I’m so pleased that Morgan and Savannah are finally engaged! It feels like they’ve been together forever 🙂 I hope this can be a fresh start for them both, now that they’ve moved somewhere a bit quieter where the Charm name doesn’t precede them and that Miraj has (hopefully) pulled his finger out a bit and is starting to raise his kids properly. William seems to be a bit of a bratchild – hopefully he’ll grow out of it!!

    Great stuff Ashleigh 🙂

    • Ah well long story short, I deactivated my account because of threats that Twitter wouldn’t take seriously. It’s really sad because I miss being there and all my friends there but I’m trying to make the best of it.

      As for the chapter, I am so thrilled that you liked it! You were one of the Charms’ first readers so that really means a lot that you enjoyed their Sims 4 debut. 😀 Without saying too much, I’ve got some big ideas kicking around for both William and Johnny in future chapters that will cause some pretty explosive stuff to go down in the family but we shall see about that. 😉

      • Awh no that blows 😦 Bloody Twitter. Online abuse is a serious matter, you’d think they’d treat it as such. Hope you’re okay, m’dear.

        I loved their Sims 4 debut!! And I’m so looking forward to seeing where they’re going to go 🙂 New chapter of the Rivers up, in case you’re interested 😉

  3. I missed out on reading about the Charms the first go ’round, but after finishing their Sims 4 debut chapter, you can betcha I’m going to be playing catch-up. Very nice. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

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