Exciting Things on the Horizon

Hey there! Here’s a quick update post!

Notice anything different about the blog? Yep! It’s gotten a face lift! I thought with the release of a whole new generation of Sims, it was only appropriate to give the blog a fresher look, but it doesn’t just look nicer; I’ve taken the time to reorganize my blog to make it easier to navigate. Now you can see all of my pages in drop-down menus from the home page and go directly to the page you’re looking for with one click. I hope this makes it more enjoyable for you to spend time on my blog and find the things you want to find without any hassle.

Touching on some bigger news, in light of the release of The Sims 4, I am retiring The Sims 3. I uninstalled all of my Sims 3 content last night but that doesn’t mean I’m retiring the Waverunners! Sebastian and his family will be moving to Willow Creek in The Sims 4 and continuing their lives there and I have lots of great stuff planned for them in The Sims 4 so keep checking back for their Sims 4 debut in the next chapter!

Last (but most certainly not least), you might have noticed the addition of The Charm Legacy on my blog. If you’re a long-time reader of my stories, you’ll remember that five years ago, I started this legacy challenge and got to generation five before game corruption made it impossible for me to continue. The Charms were fairly well known in the Sims story writing community back then so this was disappointing to many people, myself included. I recently found an old save file of them that was not corrupted and planned to bring them back in The Sims 3 but now that The Sims 4 is out and I am retiring The Sims 3, I’ve decided to have The Charm Legacy join The Waverunner Legacy in The Sims 4! If you’d like to read old chapters of The Charm Legacy, you can find them under Chapters at the top of my blog. Please be aware that The Charm Legacy contains mature content that may be extremely triggering to some readers so read with caution.

I hope you enjoy all the new and exciting things that are happening on the blog!

Happy Simming!



2 thoughts on “Exciting Things on the Horizon

  1. Well I am definitely excited to see what happens! Most people who have switched over to the sims 4 have either done a silly, commentary type blog, like an ISBI or something, or their attempts have… not been the best. So I can’t wait to see how the switch works for you.

    I’m very happy that you are continuing the Charms… I think I had gotten all caught up after you posted the last chapter there, so I was kinda bummed that you couldn’t continue. But it must have taken a while to recreate all of those characters… XD For the Charms, Waverunners, and Temples (I think you had mentioned on your YouTube channel that you were switching them over too).

    • Yep! Not finished setting up the Temples yet but they’re in the works too. It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. I’m almost finished getting screenshots for the next Charm chapter and I’m pleased with what I’ve got so far. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you’re looking forward to the changes! 🙂

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