Touching Base With You All

Hey everyone!

I’m just writing this as a little update to keep you all posted about what’s going on with this blog. Good news, nothing’s being discontinued! Yay! I plan to keep going with the Waverunners and with Alexis’ little mini-story. Alexis’ mini-story is actually about 95% completed in terms of screenshots, so it shouldn’t take any time away from the Waverunners and I’m planning on capturing some great shots in my Waverunner file this weekend for the upcoming chapter which I am insanely excited about so I hope you are, too!

Additionally, I’m toying with an idea that you guys get to weigh in on! I have a little Sims 2 project in the works right now on my Simblr that follows the lives of the premade families in Desiderata Valley (plus the Ramaswamis that I moved into that neighbourhood just because I like them). I originally was just going to have that project on my Simblr, but the more I started delving into the lives of these Sims, the more the idea developed and I feel like it would suit this blog much better than my Simblr. It would likely be a bit closer in writing style to the Waverunners than Alexis in the City, and each chapter would cover seven Sim-days in a different family’s household, though all the families will be very interconnected with one another in various ways.

I wanted to ask you if you would like to see a Sims 2 series like that on this blog and if you are, please leave a comment saying so because if I get no feedback on this post, I’ll just assume that there isn’t much interest in this project and keep it on a smaller scale on my Simblr. The Waverunners would not be put on hold for the sake of this project, so don’t worry about that. I’ve got plenty of stuff coming up for them. 😉

If you’d like to read a bit more about my Desiderata Valley project and see some pictures before deciding, you can read all my Desiderata Valley posts and my progress thus far on the project right here on my Simblr under the Desiderata Valley tag.

Please let me know what you think and happy Simming!



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