[Gen 3] Chapter I: The Ivory Tower


Hi there. I guess you’re probably wondering who Dad picked to pass on the family journal to. The family journal has become somewhat of a rite of passage in our family and a special privilege, since only one child from the previous owner can inherit it. It’s also a huge responsibility because when we inherit the journal, we agree to keep writing in it about our family until we pass it on to our own child one day. I’m both honoured and shocked that I was picked to be the one to carry on that responsibility, and with that, I’ll introduce myself officially. My name is Sebastian Sword and I just turned eighteen years old along with my two sisters, Rayne and Ariel. We’re triplets, but you probably already know that from Dad’s entries. Before I get into our young adult lives, there’s a few things I need to recap for you that Dad didn’t mention in his entries.


To start, our beloved dog, Vixen, passed away. It happened the night we all got home from prom. Well… got home from the hospital after prom, anyway. My ex-girlfriend ended up giving birth to our son, Leander, that night. We walked in the door and everyone was crying and Vixen was… just lying there, not moving. We knew what had happened. The old girl had finally reached the end of her days. I know she was much older than all three of us, but that doesn’t make it any easier. She’s been around for our entire lives. It’s so strange thinking about being in this house without Vixen. As hard as it was on us, it hit Dad hardest. Vixen’s been around since he was just a teenager, and she’s the reason he met our mom all those years ago. None of us would ever have been born if it weren’t for Vixen, and now she’s gone.



We decided to bury her with Mom. Dad says Mom loved Vixen and Vixen was really attached to her, too, so we thought it would be best to lay them to rest together. At least Mom and Vixen won’t be lonely. They have each other for company now.


There wasn’t a whole lot of time to mourn her, though, because graduation was coming up and our university aptitude tests had come in for us to take. Rayne and Ariel don’t really want to go to university. Ariel’s not the studious type and Rayne’s a genius, but her passion is music and she’d rather just go pursue that, but Dad’s forcing us all to get a degree, anyway. He insists we’ll have all the time in the world to pursue our interests after university and that a university degree can only help us with whatever we decide to do.

“I don’t want you kids to have to scrape your way up from the bottom like I had to,” he told us. “My parents were too poor to send any of us to university so embrace this opportunity you all have now.” I kind of agree with him, but I don’t know if forcing the girls into it is the best idea. Maybe they’ll like university when they get there, though. I hope they do. I’d hate to see them miserable. My only concern about going to university was being so far away from my son where I couldn’t really fight for custody. Yeah, that battle’s still going on.

“Seb, don’t give up on your dreams for that snake, Nikki,” Rayne advised me. “You’ll get Leander back and when you do, think about the kind of life you want to give him. He’ll benefit more from you getting that fancy medical degree you want so you can get a good job to provide for him, right?” I love my sisters. They always know just what to say to encourage me when I’m not sure what to do. That’s why I still think one of them would have been better suited to being the heir. I thought for sure I was out of the running. I was a teenage father who brought bad publicity to the whole family. Neither of my sisters had ever gotten into serious trouble and they were both really talented, but they insisted they didn’t want the title. Rayne just wanted to sing and not worry about upholding family tradition and Ariel would rather kick a soccer ball around than deal with finances and family image and all of that “boring stuff” as she called it.


Dad was so excited about the three of us going to university, too, how could I say no and crush him? He went out and bought me an expensive anatomical skeleton that moves and everything so I could get a head start. He bought Rayne a brand new customised guitar in the candy style Mom used to be famous for so she could practice her music and he got a top-of-the-line treadmill for Ariel to work out on. There was no way any of us were going to throw that back in his face by refusing to go to university.



I decided to go into Science and Medicine at university so I could become a doctor. After what happened to Mom and seeing Nikki struggle in the delivery room, I want to specialise in obstetrics so I can help stop what happened to Mom from happening to other women. I want to ultimately reform the hospital’s maternity ward to be better and safer. Ariel is of course going into Physical Education. Rayne was really upset that the only thing close to music she could take was Fine Arts. She hates art. I’m not sure how well she’s going to do, but I’ll try to help her as much as I can. I don’t know much about art, but I know how to study. I was president of the Study Club in high school.

It happened to be pouring rain on our birthday so we had to celebrate indoors. Aunt Aqua and Aunt Turquoise were supposed to come with Uncle Hunter and Uncle Talan but Aunt Turquoise and Uncle Talan had to work and Uncle Hunter was worried about Aunt Aqua going out in the rain and getting sick. Oh yeah, I forgot to say… Aunt Aqua’s pregnant! Everyone’s really worried about her and the baby because she’s in her late forties and this is her first baby, but she’s been okay so far. I think Aunt Turquoise is secretly jealous over it. Her baby, Elliot, died in a freak meteor shower years ago and she never really got over it. I don’t blame her. I think I’d lose my mind if I lost Leander. I’m already losing my mind just not being able to see him.





In hindsight, maybe it would have been better to have the party in the rain. It might have helped douse the fire that sparked from the birthday candles. Thankfully, Shanda leapt into action right away and extinguished the flames herself. I was in awe. I have a newfound respect for our butler now. She takes looking after our family really seriously. Ariel was already a little out of joint and the fire didn’t help, but she’s okay now… well, she keeps insisting that she was abducted by aliens in the dead of night while we were all sleeping, which is a little worrying, but otherwise, she’s okay.



“Math?! Why the hell do I need to know any math in Phys Ed?!” Ariel groaned, staring at her aptitude test. “Ugh… ten to the power of… oh, I don’t know any of this junk,” she sighed. She ended up getting a few extra credits in Phys Ed thanks to her athletic skill, but no scholarship. Rayne glared at her test angrily before throwing her hands up with an emphatic “I HATE art!” and locking herself in her room with her guitar. I was the only one who thought the aptitude test was a breeze. Rayne probably could have aced it, too, if she hadn’t been so furious about having to take a program she despises.





14 thoughts on “[Gen 3] Chapter I: The Ivory Tower

  1. Hey! I would’ve commented earlier, but I received an email about this post, and when I clicked on the link, it said that there was no post, then yesterday, I saw the link on the New Reflections Facebook, and so here I am. I kind of figured that it was going to be Sebastian who was the heir… Which is pretty cool. All three of the kids would’ve been pretty cool.

    I feel bad for Rayne. It must stink… Though she may be reacting a bit too dramatically…

    Can’t wait to see what other stuff they get into at Uni…

    And let me know if and when you get a .sim file for Nikki. Thanks!

    • You likely received the email for the “ghost chapter” I accidentally posted before the chapter was finished. I had to quickly take it down and then finish it for publishing. Sorry about that!

      Well Rayne is aspiring to be a superstar, so I guess it’s only natural she be a bit on the dramatic side, heh heh. I don’t think she actually has the Dramatic trait, though.

      I sure will! I’ll update everyone on when the .sim files will be available for download. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

      • Yeah… I’ve done that once before… When I finally finished the chapter, I either went onto my subscribers latest chapters and said that I posted something new, or I posted a new post apologizing for accidentally posting the previous one before it was finished or something…

        Hehe. Oh dramatic superstars… I didn’t mean to overstep my bounds with my character criticism, though…I hope I didn’t.

        Okey doke. Thanks!

        No problem. I really enjoy your story.

      • Oh, I posted a quick apology on Twitter about it, but I think I might have forgotten to post the same thing on FB. My apologies!

        No not at all! I love comments and feedback. I want to know which characters you love/hate and why, if you’re enjoying the plot or if you aren’t liking something at all and want me to change things. That’s why I value comments so highly and make a real effort to reply to each and every one. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I noticed the whole “ghost chapter” thing ;P I decided to check today and see if it went up, and it did! 😀 Love it! 😀
    I love Seb – I’m glad he’s the heir. He seems like he’s gone through so much and he’s probably the right choice for it. And gosh, he aged up beautifully (excluding the hair, of course. Hahaha)! I love the new hair you picked for him.

    Love the lab-rats idea! Was that zombie Kyle Heilman? He and Richard Randall (his roommate) are my favourite University townies and are usually my Sims’ love interests, hehe ;P

    Wow. Sims 4? Already? I didn’t even know it was announced! Hmm…well, I honestly don’t know what they’d make for it…I feel like there’s already so much in Sims 3. I just don’t know what else they could add! Wow…just…unexpected. Hmm.

    • I’m not too familiar with any of the uni townies apart from Ruby, Tammy and a few others whom I won’t mention yet because they’ll become more important to my story later. 😉 It’s possible, though!

      Yup, officially announced Monday. Sims 4 is going to be a single-player, offline game with 100% optional online features for people who choose to play online, as it should be, I think. On one level, I don’t feel like I’m ready to move on from 3, but on the other hand, I’m excited to see the next generation of Sims.

      • So quick question. I know you might not know everything, but do you know if this “online option” means that you play online, and its like an online game/ open world type of thing? Or will you be able to choose who you play online with?

      • The developers haven’t said anything else about the online features of The Sims 4. I wasn’t invited to the conference call where all the initial info was given, but I’m just a lone Simmer running my own story blog by myself. I’m not affiliated with any big fan sites and I’m not famous in the Simming community so that isn’t surprising. I do know all that’s officially been released to the public, though.

        For now, all that’s been confirmed about online features of The Sims 4 is that it will be primarily a single player, offline experience. There will be optional online features for people who choose to play the game online, but they won’t be necessary to play the game. The core game is designed to be played offline and you will NOT need a persistent Internet connection to play the game. The developers stressed that bit very strongly because there was a lot of anxiety over the possibility of The Sims 4 having always-on DRM like SimCity (which everyone hates).

        This is the official Q & A posted by SimGuruHydra: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/675024.page

      • (can’t reply to the right one aparently…)
        The conference call didn’t give any information you didn’t mention, it just said that sims 4 was official so they could put it on their sites before the press sites did. I think it was sweet of them. They even said that group was now an official sims team group that they will go to for things like that. They call them Yidzm (spelling?) which is simlish for best friend. 🙂
        Curtis Paridis posted a recording of the call on youtube, go check it out!

  3. Good Chapter. I knew he’d be the heir.
    Poor girl, sucks that the closest thing she could take was art.

    About sims 4, I’m hearing people stating weird opinions about it. Don’t get me wrong, they are perfectly entitled to the, I just don’t understand where they are coming from. Like that EA is just being greedy making a new game.
    They are a game company! That’s their job! EA does actually do a lot of things that are mostly tailored to the dollar but this just doesn’t seem like one of them. They aren’t just going to stop making games because you spend money already. The next generations need to be able to enjoy sims as well for one thing.
    I wonder…the time frame of when 1 and 2 came out means that (while there is a wide range in age for sim fans) many are at the age where they had to actually start buying sims 3 on their own, but sims 2 and 1 were from mommy and daddy. Could that be why they cost is suddenly the top thing on peoples mind?
    It does feel soon, but when you look at dates its actually right on time. I felt the same about sims 3 as well, I remember. I liked what sims 3 added, but kept playing sims 2 for a little while. (not too long because they fixed the one thing I had always hated; their personality system). I’m sure people will keep on sims 3 until a few sims4 expansions come out.
    I’m just grateful its not online! That tell me that, despite the griping, they truly do listen to what we have to say. (not EA in general, but the sims team. As its EA that is one of the major “everything is going online” groups).

    • I completely agree on all points. I’m really quite impressed with how attentive the Sims team is being to the fans. They’re really listening to our opinions about what we want or don’t want in The Sims 4. The fact that they came to the fans about The Sims 4 before anyone else shows some real character and a desire to make The Sims 4 the kind of game the fans want to play, so kudos to them! I just hope they keep their promise to keep the fans’ opinions at the top of their priorities because in the end, it’s us who are buying the games and if they don’t deliver a game we like, then we won’t buy it.

  4. Great chapter, Ashleigh! Had to laugh when Seb got his ‘Most Likely to Burn Down the House’ award, love the random ones like that and such good timing after the cake incident 😉 I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with Leander… Hoping Bitchface Prince comes to her senses, still. Must be so hard on him…

    Loved the idea of the ‘Lab Rats’, a great way to incorporate the Supernatural elements of the game! Such good thinking 🙂 And ooo, Ruby! Can’t wait to see if anything’s going to ‘happen’ there, although am I sensing that she doesn’t have much in the way of a sense of humour?

    Time to read on! 😀

    • Yup you guessed it. Ruby has the No Sense of Humour trait but otherwise, I think she’s a pretty decent Sim.

      Not sure what I’ll do with the Supernatural expansion in the future. I do have one idea kicking around but I’m on the fence about implementing it. We’ll just have to wait and see!

      Thanks so much for reading! 😀

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