Chapter XI: The Battleground of Youth

The more I found out about this Nikki Prince girl, the more uneasy I felt about her. I couldn’t exactly explain why she made me uneasy but it felt like her only interest in befriending my children was because of who their mother was. I chalked it up to just being an overprotective father trying to keep his kids out of trouble, but when Monica confessed that she had a bad feeling about her, too, I knew I wasn’t just being crazy. Even so, I didn’t have any proof that she was any threat to my kids so I couldn’t just forbid the triplets from seeing her. From what I understand, Sebastian’s been seeing her the most… if walking in on them kissing behind one of the pillars in the foyer is any indication of that, anyway. I’m going to go grey early, I swear. My kids are at that age…

I thought it might be nice to take the whole family out to the Summer Fairgrounds at Verde Park. I’d been working a lot and felt like I needed to take a day off to spend with my family. I didn’t talk to my sisters much anymore and I missed them. Besides, Sebastian still seemed mistrustful of Monica and an opportunity for them to spend more time together probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.

So Aqua, Turquoise and her husband Talan, the triplets, Monica and I all crowded into the fairgrounds one afternoon. Monica immediately shoved me towards my sisters.

“Go on, go roller skate with the twins,” she urged me.

“But don’t you want to join?” I asked, perplexed. Monica shook her head.

“They’re your sisters and you hardly get to see them anymore. Go on! Sebastian and I will find something fun to do together, right?” she smiled at my son who just crossed his arms and grumbled. The girls had already dashed off to the sweets stand and… well no one was really sure where Talan got off to, but his wife didn’t seem worried about him, so no one else saw any reason to be. He’s a strong military guy. He can take care of himself. Hopefully Sebastian wouldn’t give Monica too hard of a time, but I commended her for trying to go out of her way to reach out to him.


“Alright. Have fun, you two,” I told them as I was dragged off to the roller rink by my sisters. “So have either of you ever even worn roller skates before?” I asked them skeptically.

“Nope, not once! This should be fun!” Aqua gushed while Turquoise giggled.

“And painful…” I muttered, eyeing the rink warily. Well, at least my sisters were finally starting to get back to their old selves. They both had been wrecks after the meteor shower killed Chuck, Elliot and all the rest of our siblings. I can’t blame them. I was a broken shell after I lost my wife and I couldn’t even imagine ever losing one of my children. Both my sisters are so much stronger than I am.

“Oh come on, you big chicken!” Aqua chided me, pulling me onto the rink. My only consolation was that I had them both to cling to if I lost my balance… which wasn’t much consolation considering they were just as bad at roller skating as I was so I’d probably just take them down with me, which is exactly what happened.

“I told you this wasn’t going to end well…” I groaned, rubbing my sore backside while Turquoise helped me to my feet.


“The rain probably didn’t help. Of course it would start pouring on the one day we all decide to go out,” she said, squinting up at the darkening sky.

“Well let’s go find the kids, Monica and your husband and we’ll get a quick greeting card photo in before we pack up and leave.”

“Where is Talan, anyway…?” Turquoise mused, looking around only to start laughing and shaking her head. “I should have guessed.” She pointed to the hot dog eating stand where Talan was triumphantly stuffing his face. Not even a downpour could stop him from having his fill, apparently.


“I’ll go get Monica and Sebastian,” I told my sisters, gravitating over to the soccer field where I could see the two of them. It looked like Monica was winning. Wait… were they laughing?! My moody son laughing with my girlfriend of all people?! Probably not one of my shining moments as a parent, but I couldn’t help eavesdropping. I ducked behind a festival decoration to listen in.

“You’re really good! I thought I’d beat you easy!” Sebastian moaned. Monica laughed and ran over to help him up.

“Because I’m a girl or because I’m old?” she teased.

“Both,” he grinned.


“Don’t let your sister hear you say that,” Monica warned, smiling. Ariel’s in the Sports Club at school and fits in with the jocks. I don’t know where she gets her athleticism. Maybe Mom. Rayne got her mother’s gift with music and Sebastian got both his mom’s and my brains. Apparently, my hiding spot wasn’t as good as I thought it was because Monica put her hands on her hips and called out to the air. “Okay, Alton, you can come out now. You’re not fooling anybody, Mister.”

I cringed and stepped out into sight. “I was just uh… admiring this great decoration. I love the er… coloured… plastic… stuff,” I mumbled lamely. Sebastian shook his head with a groan and Monica raised her eyebrows disbelievingly.


“Uh-huh…” she muttered, her tone as disbelieving as her expression. I cleared my throat awkwardly.

“So uh… you two had fun, I hope? Before it started raining?” I tried to change the subject.

“I think so. We played some soccer and Sebastian and I got some pictures taken in the photo booth. I think they turned out pretty good,” she smiled and to my astonishment, Sebastian was smiling and nodding his agreement. Well it looked like they were starting to bond after all. It was about time. Monica had been a part of his life since he and his sisters were just little kids.

“Speaking of photos, I want to get a greeting card of all of us before we head out. It’s pouring way too hard to enjoy the festival anymore,” I told them. “Where are your sisters, Sebastian?” Sebastian pointed to one of the concession stands.

“Looks like they’re warming up with some coffee. Good idea, I want some.”


“You can have some when we get home. We’re going to get sick if we stay here,” I told him. It took some running around in the pouring rain, trying to herd everyone into one spot, but we eventually got all eight of us in the greeting card booth.

“Aw Ariel, you totally blocked me in the shot! You camera hog!” Sebastian complained later when the card was framed and hung up in the house.

“Hey it’s not my fault the camera likes my good looks more,” she teased.


15 thoughts on “Chapter XI: The Battleground of Youth

  1. Ah, the WooHooer mod! I had that for a little while. What fun! ;P
    Quite an unexpected turn of events, I must say. I hope Nikki gets what’s coming to her. 😑

  2. I refuse to believe that Nikki is carrying Sebastian’s baby. It must be Satan’s. What an evil little cow!! Poor Sebastian, being sucked in like that, used, then being told he can’t even see his own child! All for a bit of fame. Poor kid 😦

    Great drama though πŸ˜‰

    And such a lovely double wedding, until it all kicked off! Such happiness all round πŸ™‚ Pleased to see Monica becoming a firm part of the Sword family. Good stuff!

    • Glad you liked the chapter! I had a lot of fun writing it.

      I’m so glad Aqua got married again, too. Wasn’t planning on that, but StoryProgression had its way with her and the WooHooer had its way with Sebastian and Nikki, heh heh. Surprises all around but it’s certainly making for an interesting generation.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. That was quite an event packed chapter! Every aspect was very enjoyable! Poor Sebastian. I hope something happens that he can get his kid, as opposed to it staying with that… that… grr!!! Please Please PLEASE let something happen to Nikki!

    Holy..! Alton’s old! And I’m happy that he is finally happy with Monica! Congratulations to them!

    Oh, and I was wondering, if it would be alright if I used Nikki for my legacy in the future… Its probably gonna be a while because she isn’t quite in this upcoming generation, and because I am the slowest updater in the world. But her personality fit a character that I had in mind so well that I thought I’d ask now.

    • Hey phyr! You sure can use Nikki in your legacy! She’s available for download for people to do whatever they please with. Let me know when she makes an appearance. I’m excited to see what she gets up to in other people’s games. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • Hey! Thanks for letting me use her. However, I should have probably made sure she was able to be in my game before I asked… Unfortunately, I’ve tried installing her multiple times, yet she doesn’t show up in my premade sims thing…

        I really liked her, but the only way I could think that she would get into my game is if I was able to get her .sim file. If its too much to ask though, that’s okay.

      • Hm, that’s strange. If the launcher says it installed properly, she should be there. She would be in the Sim Bin in CAS, the icon in the bottom left corner with the silhouettes of various people on it. Then filter to female teenagers and she should show up there.

        As far as I’m aware, you need to install added programs to extract a .sim file from a .sims3pack file and since this is a brand new laptop, I’m reluctant to install anything I don’t absolutely need for regular use on here. My old laptop had far too much useless junk on it which slowed it down considerably, even with regular disk cleans and defrags and whatnot.

        All I can say is to try looking in the Sim Bin in CAS again. I often think I can’t find a Sim I want, then upon a really up-close look, I realise that they were in fact, there all along and I just kept missing them. I’m sorry I can’t help you further. 😦

      • Well, what happens (and this has happened to alot of different sims that I try to download) is that I definitely install her in the launcher (and it says she is installed), and then I open my game and I go to the teen female section, and she isn’t there. Then I close out of my game and reopen the launcher to double check, and it says she isn’t installed… Sigh… Darn sims game…

        Actually, you don’t even need your sims as .sims3pack files to be able to get it as a .sim file… This is just for future reference, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but if you go on your computer to “Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3 there should be a file titled “SavedSims” and there should be all of the .sim files of every sim you have saved to your saved sim bin. And having the .sim file of a sim is a bit more convenient (in my opinion) than .sims3pack, because it doesn’t usually come with unwanted custom content. All of the stuff that the simmer doesn’t have that is on the sim doesn’t transfer, and the sim ends up just wearing EA stuff, which can easily be changed in CAS.

      • Hm, this is really strange. I do remember the folder you’re talking about but I don’t seem to have it anymore. I have SavedOutfits and Saves and neither of those folders contain any .sim files. I’m not sure why I don’t have the folder, since I haven’t noticed any major glitchiness with my game that would cause it to start eating Documents folders.

      • This is going to probably be a dumb question… But I’m going to ask it anyway. Do you have them saved to your own bin? If you don’t have any saved sims yourself, then you probably won’t have a savedsims folder…

      • Oh that might be it, actually! I reinstalled the game on my new laptop so a lot of things are still pretty fresh… like my Sim Bin. Next time I play, I’ll pop into CAS and save her to my bin. I’ll let you know when I’ve got a .sim file for you. πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure he will, too… if he can ever manage to get his baby away from Nikki. That’s something the author herself still hasn’t figured out, yet. Haha, I was a ‘surprise’ baby, too, though my mother has always been insistent that she was very happy about that surprise. πŸ˜›

      I hope I can update soon. I know what I’m doing for the next chapter but I still need to play it out and take screenshots… but of course I might get thrown another curveball by the game, who knows?

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