Poll: Supernatural (Please Read Before Voting)

So with the release of Supernatural came SO many more new ways to tell stories and you may not know this, but my favourite genre to write is fantasy, whether it’s urban fantasy with vampires integrated into modern culture (no, I don’t like Twilight, before you ask) or medieval fantasy with wizards and dragons and valiant heroes, I just love fantasy.

I know I already have the Waverunners going (slowly, but I am still updating), so I wanted to ask you guys what you wanted me to do to either introduce or incorporate elements of Supernatural into my blog.

I could integrate elements of urban fantasy into the Waverunners. Perhaps introduce a vampire but explain it as a severe skin disease that reacts badly to the sun and a blood disorder of some type. That would be sort of ‘constrained fantasy.’ Fantasy that is introduced in such a way as to seem plausible in a real world setting. This is interesting to me, but also very limiting. I couldn’t go too far with it without it getting absurd.

I could write a whole new Supernatural story alongside the Waverunners. I could be as fantasy-driven as I want, but this runs the risk of slowing me down even further with the Waverunners. I will do my best to balance the two though. The blog always gets slow during the school year, anyway. It just can’t be helped.

Ooorrrr, if the Waverunners aren’t really holding people’s interest anymore, I can discontinue them and start a new Supernatural story in its place. That’s totally up to you guys, though. I still like them so if I did pull the plug on them, it would only be at your request as the readers.

Let me know which option you like best in this poll!


3 thoughts on “Poll: Supernatural (Please Read Before Voting)

  1. I voted for the second story along side, but I would be just as happy with an integration. While it might be out of place in some stories, this is already a story about a water nymph which is fantasy. I personally think if you went ahead and added vampires or fairies (that one goes great with nymphs!) without “constrained fantasy” it would still be fine.

  2. I feel like if you were to start another story alongside the Waverunners updates would be even slower – not that I’m complaining, I know how busy real life gets, but I look forward to your updates and I think adding another story would just be a little bit much to take on. I personally think that since this story started with water nymphs you wouldn’t have to do constrained fantasy at all; you can just incorporate all the vampires and fairies and werewolves you want! It wouldn’t be far-fetched like it would if the story started as humans. However, either way I think you should definitely incorporate fantasy because you seem like you would be a great fantasy writers! Maybe it is time to pull the plug on the Waverunners…I like their story but you have lost many of them and a supernatural legacy would be interesting…just speculation, everything is of course up to you! Whatever you decide will be fine! (And sorry for the looong comment!!! 😀 )

  3. Same here. What Zefie said. XD If you’re really cramped for time, try an integration; it would still work. If you feel up to it, I would love to see what you’d get up to with vamps, fairies and the like. Love your writing style.

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