Chapter VIII: Endings and Beginnings

Mom and Dad were so good with the triplets, I don’t know how I ever would have coped without them. I was with my kids as much as I could be, but with work, late night meetings and being a single father of triplets, I needed my parents there to help me. There’s no way I could have done it on my own. I was confident that I’d made the right choice to have a relationship with them again. They missed out on so much, but my children shouldn’t have to miss out on their grandparents just because I’m angry. Yes, sometimes I’m still angry with Mom. I don’t know if that resentment will ever really go away completely, but I’m not letting it stop me from having her in my life anymore. I’m older and wiser and I know better now. I just wish it hadn’t taken Macie’s death to make me see it.

The house proved to be perfect for us. There was plenty of room for everyone without being too big to get around in. The kids loved their nice big decorated rooms and the back yard was a nice size with plenty of trees, bushes and flowers for everyone to enjoy. Mom loved the pool the most. She hadn’t gone swimming since before she had any of us kids when she left the ocean. I asked her if it felt like being home with her kind again.

“… Almost, dear,” she told me with a sad sort of smile.

They say kids grow up too fast but you never really understand until you’re a parent yourself and you’re watching your own children shoot up from babies in the blink of an eye. Their birthdays came too fast for my liking, not only because I didn’t want to accept that my babies were growing up, but also because their birthday was also the day I lost their mother. Had I really lived and gone on with my life for an entire year without her? How was it possible for the world to keep spinning if she wasn’t a part of it? Her death had only made our family more famous. I got followed around by the paparazzi wherever I went and if I took the kids out, I had to practically shove the cameras out of their faces. I wish they’d just leave my family alone and let us grieve for Macie in peace.

It seemed like the triplets’ birthday was cursed because exactly one year after losing Macie, I lost my father, too. We had planned to have a small little celebration with just us in the kitchen when I got off of work. I’d gone out and bought presents for the triplets and was walking up the front walkway with them when my mother’s scream made me drop everything I’d been carrying and run into the house in a panic.

“No…” I gasped in horror.

It was my father, silvery white and transparent, shaking hands with the reaper who came for him while my mother’s heartbroken sobbing echoed throughout the house. Before he left, he turned to us and smiled.

“Don’t cry for me. It’s just my time to go and I had a good life full of love. You take care of those babies for me, alright, Alton?” I wouldn’t have believed something like that was possible if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I’d always thought ghosts didn’t really exist but now I know otherwise. I swallowed and nodded, my vision blurry.

“I… I will, Dad,” I choked out but I couldn’t stop myself from crying, no matter how hard I tried.


2 thoughts on “Chapter VIII: Endings and Beginnings

  1. Oh, wow! I’m so glad for Alton! He’s really wised up and will be an even better family patriarch, because of it. And Coral – good for her for standing up to people about her baby. Turquoise is great!

    This was a really good chapter!

  2. First off, that playpen made me laugh! Great idea, I hate it when my screenshots get ruined by other sims. If I’m concentrating on setting up specific shots then everyone gets put on no-free-will, but strangers and animals *will* get in the way! Totally building fences everywhere now!

    Blimey, this legacy got a bit depressing! I can’t believe that Azure is dead, even though it was clearly coming. It’s always so sad when your founder goes, it’s like the foundations of the legacy crumble a little, if that makes sense. Where you started out is all gone 😦 But at least the family had something to celebrate too, even if it was among scandal! Gotta love story progression, hey!

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