Chapter VI: Not Ready To Make Nice

“Have a good trip. Stay safe, okay?” I kissed Macie goodbye as her limo picked her up for her tour in Europe. It felt like every time she came home, she had to leave again soon after, but I wouldn’t tell her to put her dreams on hold just because I missed her. That was selfish. Besides, I’d been gaining more and more promotions in the time that Macie was away on tour since I didn’t have much else to occupy my time with.

“I will. I’ll call you when my plane lands. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

With that, I watched my wife get driven off for another long tour across the world.

* * *

The house was always so lonely without her. Sure, I still had the dog and the bird and my brother and sisters didn’t live too far away, but they were all busy with their own careers. Birds weren’t much company and even Vixen found other people to play with besides me. She actually seems to be getting along with a stray cat that keeps coming around our house. Macie’s trying to befriend it so she can take it in, but since she’s not here most of the time, that’s going slowly. I decided a while ago that I’m not much of an animal person, even though I do love Vixen, but I guess I can handle having a bunch of animals in the house if it makes Macie happy.

I watched TV alone, cooked dinner alone and my only sleeping companion was the dog. She wasn’t even technically allowed on the furniture now that we had a big enough house for her own pet bed but I tended to cave when Macie was away. Having Vixen sleep next to me at night was better than having no one. At least the dog liked playing fetch when I got home from work at night.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when Macie finally did return.

“Soothing Heartbreak! How was your tour? Would you say it was a success? Any figures on total profits, yet?”

“Soothing Heartbreak, over here! Smile for the camera!”

“Soothing Heartbreak, would you ever consider branching out into acting like countless other big singers?”

The paparazzi assaulted her almost as soon as she stepped out of her limo, but my beautiful wife just smiled and took it all in stride like the star she is. She shook a few hands, signed a few autographs and posed for a few pictures before politely excusing herself.

“Thank you, but I’d really just like to see my husband,” she smiled at all the flashing cameras. I stepped out of the house to greet her and all cameras were suddenly on me. I wasn’t one for the kind of fame Macie enjoyed, so until then, I had stayed out of the way of the cameras, but now that Macie was quickly becoming an international superstar, it was getting harder and harder to stay out of the way. Everyone wanted to know this Alton Sword guy Soothing Heartbreak was married to. The problem was I didn’t really want to put myself out there.

“Is this your husband, Soothing Heartbreak? Alton Sword?”

“He’s a business man, isn’t he?”

“Alton! How does it feel to be married to such a huge celebrity? Are you constantly starstruck by her?”

“Do you think you’ll be going into the entertainment business like your wife, Alton?”

“Holy cow, he’s BLUE! Soothing Heartbreak is married to some kind of freaky alien!”

That was when Macie’s smile turned into a nasty scowl and she grabbed me by my shoulders and steered me inside because I had turned into a deer caught in the headlights. I could feel my face heating up. It was bad enough that I’d been thrust into the centre of attention so suddenly, but it was even worse that they were bringing up my blue skin. I’d never been proud of the fact that I was half water nymph. I always just explained my skin colour as a genetic mystery to people who asked because it was easier than telling the truth. I’d always tried so hard to cut myself off from my nymph heritage. I never even spoke Nymphian anymore and probably forgot most of it by this point, but no matter how hard I tried to pretend I was human, I could never get away from being half water nymph and I hated it.

Macie slammed the front door and drew all the curtains to discourage them from hanging around and trying to peek in windows at us, absolutely fuming. “Freaky alien?! The nerve! Since when is a water nymph an alien?! Last I checked, they lived on planet Earth!”

“Well… they don’t know I’m a nymph, either,” I pointed out. “I don’t exactly publicise it.”

“That doesn’t matter! Who cares whether you’re blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple or whatever other colour? It’s despicable and it’s racism and I won’t stand for it! I’m going to City Hall and suing the press for slander on your behalf!” I had never seen my wife so angry before. Never. It was actually a little frightening, all that fury exploding out of someone so tiny and innocent and sweet-natured. I think she was probably more upset about the comments than I was. “How they think they can attack you and defame me over something so irrelevant to anything is beyond me, but it’s going to stop!”

I opened my mouth to calm her down, but the phone rang at that exact moment. “I’ll get that,” she muttered. I didn’t stop her. I welcomed any distraction from having to deal with an angry wife. My relief was short lived, however, when Macie picked up the phone, said hello, then dropped the phone and let out a high-pitched scream.

Jumping out of my skin, I panicked and grabbed her by the shoulders. “What?! What is it?! What’s wrong?! Who’s died?!” I demanded, my heart hammering in a wild, erratic pattern inside my chest.

“No one’s died! Turquoise is getting married!” Macie squealed with delight.


5 thoughts on “Chapter VI: Not Ready To Make Nice

  1. It’s an interesting human phenomenon, that when we have wronged another person, and they are willing to forgive us, we will sometimes find ourselves blaming and even hating the other person, instead, because to accept their love and forgiveness means admitting that we, ourselves, have sinned, and that hurts.

    Alton comes so close in this chapter, realizing he’s been a lousy son, but he still harbors resentment against his mother. He admits it would have been easier for him if she had showed anger towards him, because then, he could have made her out to be the bad guy. However, because she showed love towards him, it just heightened his own guilt at his unforgiving and selfish behavior towards his mother. Thus, he still can’t forgive her, because he’s still feeling the pain. It’s pain of his own making now, but it is there, nonetheless.

    I fear he won’t be able to own up to his own foolishness until she dies.

    It’s also interesting that now that they CAN afford it, he’s willing to START PLANNING for a child. Not have a child. Just start the process of planning to eventually have one.

    He is so not ready for fatherhood, and the unselfishness that entails. He’s still putting his own hopes and dreams above what’s best for a baby. After all, a baby does better with younger parents, who can keep up. If he waits much longer, he’s going to be trying to chase a toddler, while walking with a cane. Oh, but he will have the money he wanted.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with this, next! And I do hope Generation 3 has more sense than 2. Not that there can’t be drama of a different sort, of course. This is very realistic and human drama, and I love it.

    • Wow, no love for Alton over here, I see, haha.

      He’s a good guy, really. He loves his wife and his family a lot. He’s just letting his stubborn pride get the best of him. I think he’s more prideful than selfish. He’s always put his little sisters and his wife before himself, after all. As for the baby thing, he’s just scared of screwing up his kid’s life, though you are right that it’s a pretty silly fear considering his financial stability and all. I love Alton, personally, but then again, I’m biased since he’s my Simmie, heh heh. 🙂

      I may be giving too much away here, but since you’re so enthusiastic about my Sims, I’ll hint now to pay attention to those moments where Alton says things along the lines of “Looking back, I was being a jerk,” or “I was too stubborn to admit I was wrong at the time,” because they suggest that Alton is telling us his story long after the events he’s talking about have passed. Meaning that he’s looking back on his life with a lot more wisdom than he had while this was all happening. Perhaps something caused him to re-evaluate himself? *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge* 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.

  3. Awesome chapter, Ashleigh! I’m so pleased that we did get to see Turquoise’s wedding even if it did scupper your plans a tad; too often in legacies family leaves and you never see them again! Great to keep up with the clan, and I thought that Alton handled himself well with his mother. I do hope that he can make peace with her before it’s too late, but it must be so hard for him after the way he left.

    Great stuff!

    • Thanks for the comment, Sian! And sorry for my late reply. It’s been a stressful summer with no time to write.

      Unfortunately a game glitch caused more tragedy to strike the family, but I think I fixed up everything enough to continue relatively smoothly. I feel like the game has gotten a lot more stable since it was first released a couple years ago. *knocks on wood* >>

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