Chapter IV: The Road to Stardom

“So when’s she going to be on?” Aqua asked me.

“I can’t wait to see her!” Turquoise gushed. I couldn’t bring myself to snap at them to pipe down. I was excited to see her perform, too. This was Macie’s first big gig and, as her boyfriend, I felt it was my duty to be there to support her. I brought the twins along since this was right up their alley and also because it was part of their birthday present. They were turning eighteen today and Macie and I had gone out and gotten them cakes to celebrate, but with Macie preparing for this performance most of the day, we’d decided to wait until after her show to have their birthday celebration. The girls didn’t mind. Actually, they jumped around squealing in excitement when I told them we were going to go see Macie’s performance. I think I’m still partially deaf.

“Shh, here she comes,” I muttered to them. I could see a glimpse of her backstage, waiting to be introduced by the proprietor of Verde Park.

“And without further ado, let us welcome Soothing Heartbreak!” he announced and there was applause but the girls and I were the ones clapping the loudest. We had to make up for the fact that Macie didn’t have any family and not many friends here in Starlight Shores. Macie walked on the stage like she was born to be a performer in a flashy stage outfit with her hair all done up. She looked beautiful. Of course, she always looks beautiful, but she glowed on the stage, and it wasn’t because of the lights illuminating her. It was because she belonged up there and she knew it.

The show was fantastic. I’m not normally one to lose my head. It just isn’t something that’s encouraged at Smuggworth, but I couldn’t help myself. I was screaming and jumping around just as much as the girls were. There were even a few people in the front who started a mosh pit. I’d never seen that at a pop singer’s concert in my life.

“Thank you, Verde Park!” Macie shouted, her whole face lit up with exhilaration at the end of her show. “You guys were a fantastic audience!” That may have been true, but it was only because Macie had been a fantastic entertainer. She doesn’t give herself enough credit.

She walked off the stage and shook a few hands, then zeroed in on us and smiled, beginning to walk over to us but the proprietor stopped her. Luckily, I was close enough to overhear. “Soothing Heartbreak, can I talk to you for a second?” Macie’s smile faltered. I could tell she was suddenly worried and nervous.

“Of course.”

“I just wanted to say that your performance was stellar. You are going to go places in Starlight Shores. I haven’t seen a performer as talented as you in a long time. You can bet I’m going to be spreading the word around about you,” he grinned, but Macie’s smile topped his.

“Well… thank you, sir! I’m flattered!”

She looked shocked. I wasn’t. If he had said anything less, he would have had to have been crazy or stupid or tone deaf… or all three.


8 thoughts on “Chapter IV: The Road to Stardom

  1. Awwww, I love Macie and Alton! Too cute! And too cute with Aqua pouting about her award! I do miss Azure and the family, though, it’s still so sad that Alton left them! I can’t decide if this post made me sad or happy, but I think both!

    • I thought it was hilarious when she got that award in the game. I’ve had Generations for quite a while but never really explored it too much, so I was surprised and delighted that high school grads got to go to graduation ceremonies and win awards along with getting their diplomas.

      At least some of the family is definitely going to make a reappearance. 😉

      Also, I’m glad you like Alton and Macie! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Macie is gorgeous, oh my lanta!

    Your writing is amazing, and I’m glad to have found this blog. I remember reading the Charms religiously over at your other blog. I adore the Waverunners just as much!

    • I’m glad you like her! She’s up for download in my Studio on There’s a link to her on my Exchange page here. 🙂

      I’m also flattered that you like my writing and the Charms (and the Waverunners, of course).

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

  3. Aahhh dude! Cheers for the name drop in the chapter, made my day! 😀

    Rightio, actual chapter – I too thought it was hilarious that Aqua got that award! It’s not too bad though, Ivy got it too and she turned out okay 😉 So funny, but I hope she doesn’t take it to heart.

    And I’m soooo pleased that Alton and Macie are engaged! Eee, so excited for the wedding 😀 She’s going to make a beautiful bride. Also I haven’t said this yet, but I love how accepting she is of Alton… Some people would be like ‘you’re kinda blue… pass’ but she’s not even batted an eyelid. Love it 🙂

    All the best with your exams/essays/jobs/move, I hope the time flies till the next update 🙂 And you’re welcome for the gift, you’ve been so supportive and inspiring and helpful with both my legacies that it’s the least I coulda done 🙂

    • Aw well the name drop was the least I could do to thank you for your awesome gift. ^^

      Alton’s skin colour and the fact that he’s half nymph will be becoming a more prominent part of the story in later chapters. I was hesitant to put too much emphasis on it at first because it’s essentially an issue of race and I was worried that might be too sensitive of a topic to touch… but then I remembered that my Charm legacy was so popular precisely because it addressed serious and controversial issues so I’m going to start exploring more of that in this legacy. To be honest, I actually don’t think Macie even really sees that Alton is different. She’s just that kind of person. ❤ Love her.

      Thank you! I hope I survive all of the hustle and bustle and come back to this blog strong. In the meantime, I'll still be on Twitter and stuff. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I swear, your glowing comments always make me feel awesome. ❤

  4. I sure hope Alton forgives his mother, soon. Those two need to sit down for a heart-to-heart talk, and she needs to give him details of nymph life, and why she lived the way she did. And she nearly died trying to protect and keep him and his siblings, so he has to know how much she loves them all.

    And yeah, he’s a snob. Cycl0n3 is right about how they are richer than their neighbors, because of their family and the love they share. What was it Mary Poppins said? Enough is as good as a feast. They had enough, and they had each other.

    I love your legacy!

  5. I don’t know you would consider it cheating or not, but if you get really desperate for another magic gnome I have seen, on occasion, the inventor gnome at the consignment store.

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