Special Edition Chapter: Girls Will Be Girls

“So?” Aqua asked her twin in a hushed voice at the kitchen table, hoping their mother wouldn’t overhear.

“So what?” Turquoise responded, mind more on her homework than her sister.

“Do you think we should go with them? They’re like… the hottest, most popular guys in the entire school.”

“They also want us to go to the movies after curfew,” Turquoise pointed out with a frown. She still wasn’t really sure what a cute, popular, talented guy like Chuck wanted with her, to be perfectly honest with herself. Aqua, sure. Her sister was beautiful and flirtatious and popular. All the guys wanted her, so it wasn’t a surprise when the captain of the school’s hockey team had taken an interest in Aqua Waverunner, but Turquoise? She knew she was just as talented as her sister when it came to music, but beyond that… she didn’t have much going for her. She wasn’t pretty like Aqua or flirty like Aqua. Everyone could tell them apart at school by Turquoise’sΒ misshapenΒ nose and sunken eyes. She was quieter than her sister, too… so why did another popular hockey player want to hang out with her? Something smelled of rotten fish to her.

“You’re really going to turn Chuck Davell down because of a curfew?”

“Well… I want to go, but I’d rather not get driven home in a police cruiser…” Turquoise argued. Her sister gave her an exasperated sigh.

“Well I’m going. You can stay home if you want, but I’m not missing out on a chance to date Johnny Cavaletti.”

Well great, Turquoise thought. Now I have to go. Who else is going to watch out for her?

The girls arrived at the theatre just as the clock struck eleven, trying to stay in the shadows and out of sight. “I feel like we’re criminals or something,” Turquoise muttered to Aqua as they skulked about in the dark.

“Shhh! We’re only criminals if we get caught,” she winked. “There they are! Come on, let’s go!” Turquoise didn’t even have time to respond before her twin was grabbing her wrist and dragging her over to the two handsome boys waiting for them outside the movie theatre. Both of them grinned when they saw their dates show up.

“Hey there you are! Damn, me n’ Chuck here was starting to think you wasn’t gonna show,” Johnny told Aqua without even a glance in Turquoise’s direction. Aqua immediately turned on her flirtatious side, giggling in a breathy, high-pitched voice and batting her long eyelashes. It was a skill Turquoise didn’t possess. How was she so good at talking to guys she liked? Chuck was standing right in front of her and all she could do was think about how dry her mouth suddenly felt as butterflies danced around in her stomach.

“Oh, nah. We just had to wait for our parents to go to bed so we could sneak out,” Aqua assured him.

“Hey Turquoise,” Chuck grinned and Turquoise wasn’t sure if the strange feeling in her gut meant she was happy or that she was about to be sick. She hoped it was the former. She’d probably die of embarrassment if she barfed all over Chuck’s shoes.

“Uh… hey…” she replied with a weak, nervous smile. Sea Gods, he was so handsome!

“So are we going in to see the movie or are we just going to stand here all night?” Aqua laughed and Johnny took her hand and started leading her around to the back.

“We sure are. Five finger discount price, especially for you,” he grinned. “We’re going to sneak in the back and get a free show.”

“Johnny, what?” Chuck protested. He apparently hadn’t been informed of this plan until now. “You realise people almost always get caught when they do that, right?”

Turquoise didn’t like the sound of this and by the look on her sister’s face, neither did Aqua. “We brought our own money. We can get in the front just fine,” Turquoise offered as her sister nodded her agreement, but Johnny rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Geeze, I asked you girls out ’cause I thought you wanted to have some fun. I didn’t know you were all goody-two-shoes. If you’re going to go all law enforcement on our asses, maybe you should just go on back home.” Turquoise was more than fine with that. She had no problems with being a goody-two-shoes. It meant she was smart and didn’t get into trouble, but Aqua bristled indignantly at Johnny’s words.

“Alright, alright, fine! We’re sneaking in. I’ll show you who’s a goody-two-shoes!” she huffed, taking Johnny’s arm and dragging him around to the back, determined to show him that she could be a rebel, too, if she wanted to be.

“Aqua!” Turquoise called after her sister in frustration before giving a heavy sigh. What a night. Chuck frowned after them.

“We should probably go with them and make sure they don’t get caught,” he sighed and Turquoise nodded, following her crush, despite the bad feeling in her gut. She didn’t want to ditch her sister, no matter how stupid she was being.


“See? What did I tell you?” Johnny boasted when the group left the theatre after the movie. “Got away scot-free!”

“We got lucky…” Chuck muttered, his hands shoved in his pockets. Johnny just snorted and ignored him, putting an arm around Aqua, who giggled and looked up at him with a coy smile.

“So what do you say we make this a regular thing, huh?” he asked Aqua, squeezing her shoulder possessively, but Aqua didn’t object. She was more than happy to be seen on the arm of one of the hottest guys in school.

Before she could reply, however, police sirens pierced the night and all four of the teenagers’ heads snapped in the direction of the terrifying sound.

“Shit! The cops! Run!” Johnny shouted, dropping Aqua like a bag of groceries and speeding off. Aqua didn’t need to be told twice. She grabbed her sister’s arm and started bolting for home, dragging Turquoise behind her.

“Come on! We’ve got to get out of here!”

“I knew this was a bad idea!” Turquoise groaned as she was dragged off. She chanced a glance over her shoulder at Chuck, who was speeding off after Johnny, but called back to her.

“I’m sorry! I’ll make this up to you!” he shouted before he disappeared into the darkness.

“Almost there… we can cut through the park… we’ll make– craaaaaap!” Aqua skidded to a halt before a stern-looking officer as Turquoise slammed into her sister from behind, nearly falling over.

“You two, come with me. I’m taking you back to your parents,” the officer told them, pointing to her cruiser with an annoyed scowl. Dejectedly, the twins climbed inside, knowing they were done for. Their parents were going to kill them when they showed up in a cop car.


8 thoughts on “Special Edition Chapter: Girls Will Be Girls

    • I love both the girls. I almost don’t want to marry them off and move them out when they age up, haha! Poor Alton comes home from boarding school, ready to start his own family and bring in the next generation only to find the house too full to handle more babies. πŸ˜›

  1. Great idea to have a chapter dedicated to the pair of them. That’s the trouble with having many children in a family, it’s hard to know who to focus on!

    Loved this! Even though they’re both so different I do like both the girls; even though Aqua’s a bit of a daredevil (or similar! ;)) she has a good heart. Didn’t like Johnny from the offset, but was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt (more fool me!). I did assume that Chuck would just be an irritating side kick too, but I was so thrilled when he stood up not only for Turquoise but for Aqua too! Proper gent πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see how they both get on in Gen 2 with Alton as the heir.

    Especially loved their plan to get to the prom, brilliant idea and sooo typical! Laughed at that part. Cycl0n3’s mindset is quite touching too, he does want the best for all these children that aren’t even his. He’s in such a difficult position. Glad the girls didn’t get into trouble at the prom, would’ve been a bit of a kick in the sim teeth for him!

    Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I’m so pleased you admire my handiwork, it means a lot πŸ™‚ Your screenies were beaut in this chapter (not that they haven’t been so far, just especially so here!), it’s so clear that you’ve put a loooottt into setting everything up. Loved the prom venue too!

    Great stuff, Ashleigh πŸ™‚

    • I’m so glad you liked the chapter! πŸ˜€

      Yeah Cycl0n3’s a real sweetie. He loves all of those kids like they’re all his own. He really feels like he’s their dad since he was the one who was around for all the diaper changes and late night feedings and homework help, not the guys who got Azure pregnant then left and were never seen again.

      It’s going to make me so sad to marry off the twins and move them out. 😦 Alton needs to bring in the third generation, though, and I’m wary of trying to stuff more than eight Sims in that house, even though Twallan’s mods allow me to. I’m scared of my game blowing up on me or something.

      Thank *you* for the lovely compliments, haha! I’m glad my Simming role model approves of my screenshot and set-building skills. πŸ˜‰

      As always, thank you so much for reading and even more thanks for enjoying it and leaving a comment. I LOVE comments. πŸ˜›

      I’ll be catching up on my friends’ blogs in class today (naughty me!) so I’m looking forward to reading more about the Rivers.

      • Ahaha, Simming role model! Dude πŸ˜€ I still remember when I logged onto my Emmetts blog back in the day after you’d first commented, I was all ‘OMG the girl who writes that amazing Charms story has actually read my little story!’ I was so chuffed πŸ™‚ Your writing actually inspired me to think a bit more about the actual writing of my legacies πŸ™‚

      • Aww I’m actually blushing right now, heh heh. I still miss the Charms. Maybe I’ll sort of “recreate” it one day or do a spin-off of it or something. I still have Morgan in my studio and their house floating around… somewhere. Just need to figure out how to get the CC out of the files before I stick them in my game.

        I’m going to finish the Waverunners, first, but if I’m able to rebuild the Charms, I might continue it.

    • The Waverunners definitely need that, haha! They’re so poor. Alton did not inherit a very financially stable estate, unfortunately, but maybe he’ll be able to turn things around for the family, yeah? πŸ˜‰

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