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I’m So Sorry

This is a really difficult post to type, so I’m going to treat it like ripping off a band-aid; just do it quick and to-the-point.

My boyfriend of two years just left me (right after our anniversary and right before my birthday, maybe just to rub salt in my wounds, I don’t really know). Some of you might know that I met him through The Sims. The game series was what brought us together and was a huge aspect of our relationship. We really bonded through our mutual love of the game, so much so that I can no longer think of The Sims without thinking of him. Not only was he involved in The Sims in my real life but he also entered the virtual world of my Sims. Sebastian’s best friend, David Fox, is his Sim.

In light of all this, I can no longer continue this blog. I wish I could. I love Sebastian and his family. I love the Charms. They’ve been mine since long before I ever met my now-ex. I’m retiring from writing Sims stories because I can’t play the game anymore. It’s not fun for me anymore. It just makes me sad and reminds me of everything I’ve lost. Even if I could get over that, I can’t think of a way to remove David Fox from my story. He was too integral to the story arc for the rest of Sebastian and Leander’s generations that removing him in any way cripples the story.

I’m so sorry to everyone I’m disappointing with this news. Believe me, no one is hurting more over this than me right now but life goes on and, yet again, I find myself having to pick all the broken little pieces of myself back up and figure out some way to glue them back together.

Chapter XV: A Grand Apology

12-11-15_4-48-09 PM

“Sebastian, you know I detest surprises,” Ruby grumbled as I carefully positioned her to have the best view when she opened her eyes. “I did not appreciate being denied knowledge of our destination when we boarded the aircraft or when we landed, either. This is all highly irregular and alarming.”

“I know, I know, but you’ll forgive me in a second.” At least I hoped she would. This whole thing was supposed to be my apology to her for the way I treated her during our last fight. “Okay. Open your eyes,” I smiled.

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Poll: Website for my CC and Mods

I went into detail about this in my previous update post “Get Ready!” but basically, I do make some CC and mods for TS4. Right now, I’m hosting those downloads here on my story blog but I’d like my story blog to stay dedicated to my stories. I’ve been thinking about having a separate website for my mods and CC. You’d know exactly where to go to find downloads if that’s what you’re after and you’d be able to find all my CC and mod downloads a lot easier on a site dedicated to hosting them, rather than as an afterthought on a blog designed for Sims stories. Alternatively (but most importantly, I think), this blog will be just about my stories so you can focus 100% on the stories while you’re here. The stories are what I’m most passionate about.

That’s my reasoning for hosting my CC and mods on their own website but what do you think? Cast a vote, please! Happy Simming!

Get Ready!

I promise I am not disappearing on you all again for months on end, I’m trying really hard to break that awful habit. I’m actually waiting for Get Together to launch so I can start working on the next Waverunner chapter, yay! I’ve been pretty critical of this expansion ever since it was first announced (I still am, quite honestly) but I do have a story idea for Seb and his eclectic family that involves some Get Together content so I will be buying it when it releases thanks to my amazingly selfless boyfriend. He could be at home that day, playing the expansion that he preordered digitally but instead he’s sacrificing that important play time to spend the day with me so we can do Christmas shopping and I can grab Get Together for myself. He is the best. You’ll have to thank him when the next Waverunner chapter comes out. 😉

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Chapter Seven: The Flames of Destruction

06-23-15_11-49 PM

“Now this is a home fit for a Charm,” Savannah grinned, looking fondly at the sprawling estate that her wife had ordered to be constructed. The home Morgan originally bought in Willow Creek had suited her, Savannah, Miraj, Johnathon and William just fine but after they had Madeline and Avery, the place became cramped, especially now that Madeline and Avery were in school. There were now three hyperactive children running around the place and they needed something bigger. Of course, to a Charm, bigger always meant grander.

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Entry 1: Stranded

08-22-15_9-23 PM

I am Special Agent Taryn Holding. I am… or was… a secret agent working for the military. My missions were top-secret in nature and a matter of national security.

That is all I remember about myself. I have no recollection of how old I am, where I grew up, if I have family or friends somewhere, or how and why I woke up here… wherever here is. It’s obviously a desert but which one? There are hundreds of deserts. There is nothing here. No one is here as far as I can tell. I am stranded in the middle of a barren, unknown desert landscape with no money, no supplies and no memory of my past beyond my occupation and my name.

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Chapter Six: Madeline’s Malady

04-22-15_2-18 AM

After so long without a baby in the house to care for, suddenly having two at once was a lot more work than Savannah and Morgan had anticipated. Miraj’s new job at the Willow Creek hospital meant he couldn’t help out as much as he’d like to at home and Johnathon was just a kid. He couldn’t do the messy stuff like feeding and changing diapers but he gave Avery and Madeline plenty of tickles and affection all the same.

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Chapter XIII: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

04-15-15_2-15 AM

“Hello?!” I called out into the endless stretch of wilderness around me. “Is anybody there? I think I’m lost! Hello?!”

Let me back track a little and explain to you exactly how I ended up getting lost by myself in the woods in the middle of the night. I started working at a new hospital in Willow Creek where my sisters live and as part of a new employee orientation, somebody in management thought it was a good idea to send a group of us out to Granite Falls on a wilderness retreat to get to know each other and learn how to work together. In theory, it was a great idea. In practice, it didn’t turn out so well.

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